Top 5 Rainbow Covers

Hi y’all! We’re off on our vacation so I’ve prewritten some posts to go up while we’re gone. Please excuse my delayed responses to your comments. Thank you! 🙂

Welcome back to Top 5 Tuesday hosted by Bionic Book Worm! I’m going with an older topic this week about top colored covers. I decided to combine two weeks and give you my favorite rainbow of covers. Enjoy!

Do you have favorite book covers in certain colors?
And do you prefer to organize your books by color or author or another way?

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Rainbow Covers

  1. I’m actually not sure what my favorite book cover is. I really love the cover of Legendary and The Problem With Forever though! The two are very beautiful. And I don’t organize by colors; personally i think it gets too confusing. So I just organize my shelves by genre 😊

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  2. mphtheatregirl

    First by genre, then put the authors in order- the books have to be order too. For instance- in my classics, Miguel De De Cervantes is before Charles Dickens. In Charles Dickens, the books are in order- Nicholas Nickleby is before Oliver Twist for instance

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