Top 5 Wednesday: Favorites Always Worth Revisiting

Hi y’all and welcome back to Top 5 Wednesday! T5W is a weekly meme is hosted by Sam @ ThoughtsOnTomes.  You can visit the Goodreads T5W group for more info. It’s been a while since I participated and I’m excited to get involved again! This week’s topic is a freebie so I’m throwing it back to just a few weeks ago with a spin on the favorites worth revisiting topic.

I decided to share my Top 5 always worth rereading books. These are the books that I will probably reread several times over my life because they are always worth returning to. Enjoy!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak // One of my favorites of all time. This is always worth a rereading. The writing is incredible and I love the story about the power of words.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen // I could have selected any Jane Austen novel here really. I love them all and am always up for a reread.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis // I love this series and am always impressed by how it inspires me in new ways each time I read them. I think 2019 will be a great year for a reread 🙂

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien // Another fantastic fantasy series that I’m reading right now. And I am remembering why it’s a classic and why I love it!

Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling // Do I need to explain this one? I love Harry Potter forever. Can’t wait to read these to my kids one day and reread them myself again and again.

BONUS: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson // This was my first historical romance that I fell in love with and it’s still one of my favorites. It just makes my heart happy to reread it 🙂

DOUBLE BONUS: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens // This is a favorite Christmas read of mine and I try to read it every couple of years at least.

What books could you reread again and again?

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorites Always Worth Revisiting

  1. mphtheatregirl

    Some books I definitely plan to reread.

    Tale of Two Cities/ Great Expectations- I loved these books when I read them. I want to reread them sometime in the future. I only want to reread them because I really could not figure out why I even loved them in the first place. All I could figure out is I loved the protagonist, Pip, from Great Expectations, but my question was why. So when I get to each of these again, I plan to read at a much slower rate to try to figure out why on earth I even loved them.

    Les Misérables- definitely worth a reread especially the unabridged. I had to read this in one summer break since I was still college student, so I had to finish it before summer break ended. I just want to pick up this book again, and read it at a much slower pace. It is a masterpiece- if I had literally just discovered this book in the bookstore, no way would I have picked it up and wanted to read it or even buy it for that matter. The musical is why I read it in the first place.

    Just some that I want to reread- just to read at a slower pace than I did before- but will not reread these until after I read the eight other classics I own in the house that have not been read yet. I have a WIP at the moment, and cannot read anything right now. Plus, can’t go from classic to classic- have to place another genre in the middle.

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    1. I love the idea of rereading classics at a slower pace. Les Mis is truly a masterpiece–took me a year to read it and loved it! Glad I had seen the musical before as well. I haven’t read Great Expectations since high school and would love to reread it (i remember enjoying it too!)

      I agree with breaking up classics with other genres. I do the same thing!


      1. mphtheatregirl

        It took me less than one summer to read Les Mis- I had to finish it by beginning of the school year. Interesting enough, finished it the week before my family went to England to go on the Bristol Pilgrimage with my church: my family went up two days early.

        So I read the unabridged book of Les Mis the same summer I saw the musical in the West End.


          1. mphtheatregirl

            I have seen Les Mis every other year. Saw it in 2013 at Central Piedmont Community College (3x), 2015 in the West End and 2017 during the current US tour. Adds up to five times.

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            1. mphtheatregirl

              Les Mis to me is WAY more than a musical. It challenged the way I view musicals. I did love musicals before Les Mis, but I did not have a passion for them. Les Mis had elements in it that I thought wasn’t possible in musical theatre.

              Now- Les Mis is coming back to Charlotte this year. So it already went to Charlotte with the current US Tour, and is coming back. I do hope to see it.

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            2. mphtheatregirl

              Before Les Mis, I thought all musicals were happy and comic. I previously already knew about the complex and emotional side of musicals- the core emotions were excitement, love, joy, and sad. I already knew about spectacle and dance. So I already knew basically knew about what musicals were.

              Les Mis introduced me to tragic musicals and the emotion of heartbreak. I never experienced the capability of emotion that Les Mis has in musicals before. I have to tell you this: I once told myself I will NEVER love a tragedy.

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  2. I started dragging out my Harry Potter re-read. I don’t want it to end because who knows when I’ll get back to it! I didn’t realize it had been six years since I last read it because it feels like yesterday.

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