Happy Blog-iversary, Greenish Bookshelf!

I’m a few days late, but still want to mark…

Greenish Bookshelf’s 3rd Anniversary!
What an adventure this is!



This is kind of amazing and super exciting!! I am so glad I decided to join this lovely bookish world and read so widely! This blog continues to keep my motivation to read high, to give me a piece of life that is just for me, and to motivate me to put myself and my writing out there. I love book blogging!

A few highlights from the last 3 years…

I have reviewed over 175 books! That is super cool to see!

I have finished 24 books forΒ The Classics ClubΒ (and I’m working on 25 & 26!)

I have read 11 books as part of my Newbery Challenge.

We had a wonderfully successful #AnneReadAlong2017!! Such a joy to co-host!

I have nearly 600 followers! Thank you for your support of this little blog of mine πŸ™‚

As I said last year, my TBR pile is bigger than ever and my love of books is stronger than ever. This is something so special about seeing my little corner of the internet grow and flourish. There is magic in books.


Thank you for all your support, comments, recommendations, and love!
This community is the best!

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