2020 Reading Reflection and 2021 Goals!

Happy 2021, my friends!

I think we are all excited to be in a new year with so many possibilities for new beginnings and more joy! I was recently looking at my 2019 reflection post and was amazed at how different 2020 went than I expected. We still had some truly fantastic joys in our family. We are figuring out parenthood to three children and have done several large scale updates to our house this year. We started new schools and navigated the changes that the pandemic brought. But as I look back on 2020, what I will remember most is time spent with my children and the joy in seeing them learn and grow.

I was surprised how well I did reading wise in 2020. I found that reading was easy and a welcome escape. It was finding time to blog that was hard! 

I finished 74 books.

     I finished my first list for The Classics Club reading 12 classics before September to finish on time!

     6 Newbery Winners for my Newbery Challenge

     7 Books Released in 2020

     26 rereads (including Harry Potter, The Books of Bayern, The Selection and Fablehaven)

     8 Read Alouds with my kids

I published 72 posts.

    I reviewed 48 books.

    I shared 6 book lists.

Overall, it was a solid year of reading and blogging! Looking forward to being more regular and pushing myself in 2021!

I plan to read 100 books in 2021. This is my highest reading goal ever! Will it be a stretch? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely! About 2 books a week. I’m on track so far! 

     36 Newbery winners to work towards my Newbery Challenge goal. Suddenly, the 100th winner will be           announced next year so I need to focus here this year. Three Newberys a month seems attainable to me.

     5 Read Alouds with my kids. I don’t want to push it here. Just keep reading aloud!

     5 Books Published in 2021. It’s always fun to read something totally new. Top of that list in 2021? The                   finale in the Dragonwatch series….I CAN’T WAIT!

     10ish Rereads. I want to start with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Other ideas…The Penderwicks                     series, The Book Thief, and The Everstone Chronicles.

I’d like to share 12 new books lists this year. One a month seems like a good goal this year. Looking forward to sharing more lists!

Otherwise, I am just hoping to get into a rhythm reading and blogging more this year.

What are you reading goals in 2021?

8 thoughts on “2020 Reading Reflection and 2021 Goals!

  1. I kept my reading goal flat at 60 even though I smashed it out of the park this past year (113). I’m going to try and restrain my enthusiasm for romance novels and really try and work on my TBR shelf. Thankfully, I haven’t really increased what is on it by too much, I’ve just been getting caught up in the glamour of the new books and reading them first 😀

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