Book Hauls Lately

Hi y’all!

Today I’m back with a type of post I haven’t written in a while: book hauls. I have had a few fun hauls both from the library and buying for my own shelves lately. I’d love to share what I’ve been collecting!

From the Library:
My local library has a great book pick up system set up right now that is so easy. I put books on hold online and when they’re ready, the library checks them out for me and emails me. Then on the pick up dates, I come and pick them up just like a grocery curbside pickup. Too easy!

For my bookshelves:
There is just something special about buying new books. I love it! Currently I have several books on their way as well as some I have already read since they arrived in the last few weeks. There is no such thing as too many books. Just not enough bookshelves. Am I right? 😉

To Read with my Kids:
I think I find almost as much enjoyment in buying books for my kids as for myself. We’ve had a lot of fun reading together lately. We’ve read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together already and I’m excited for these other titles to arrive.

What have been in your book hauls lately?

8 thoughts on “Book Hauls Lately

  1. You are right no such thing as too many books. I’ve used my library electronic services which I did before but that’s all that’s been available if I want something not on my shelf. I have pre-ordered some books that aren’t out until later in the summer. Woodson’s book is poetic and Charlie and the chocolate factory was one of my favorite as a kid.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Always glad to meet someone with the same opinions on books! There are a lot of books that I’m excited about coming out later this year. If only we were in September already. Looking forward to Woodson’s book. It will be my first by her. And yes, Charlie is definitely a classic 🙂


  2. Nice haul! My library is doing the same thing as yours. It’s so great.

    I adore CRENSHAW and BROWN GIRL DREAMING. FRONT DESK was good, too, although it seemed a little far-fetched. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH are two I read as a kid but haven’t re-read yet as an adult. I loved THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN – I can’t wait to read THE ONE AND ONLY BOB. Enjoy all these!


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    1. So glad to hear your library is a bit accessible like mine! Makes the world feel more normal 🙂

      And yay for all our bookish connections! I just finished Crenshaw and loved it! I’ve read Charlie with my kids and they loved it. And I’ve got James on our TBR. I need to reread Ivan so I am ready for Bob, plus I remember loving it so the reread is bound to be lovely 🙂


  3. So many good choices! My library is not open yet, so I’m stuck with the e-book selection, which is not as large. Still, it’s better than nothing and I don’t wish to complain since I know the library is doing what’s safest for the community. I keep recommending they buy new releases, but nothing so far!

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    1. Glad you at least have some ebooks! I am impressed by how our library has handled the pickup service. It’s actually really easy to just place holds and they bring them out to your car (only available certain days). Plus nothing is due right now which is nice. That makes it a bit easier. Hope they stock up on new releases soon or better yet that they open! 🙂


  4. mphtheatregirl

    I do love having a new book more than having a used book. My books mostly consist of either classics or fantasies. I still have ones I own that I have not read yet- feels like that will take a while.

    After The Odyssey, I will be reading a book that I wrote (which isn’t on its final draft yet)- “Tale of the Cattail Forest”- a middle grade children’s fantasy. So reading and developing those books are exciting and fun to read.

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