Top 10 Tuesday: Signs of a Book Lover

Welcome back to Top 10 Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Today’s prompt is a fun one: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover. How perfect is this topic for a weekly link up like this one? I had so much fun coming up with these 10 things. And I must admit, they are all things I do or have done in the past. I must be a true book worm! 😉 Enjoy!

  1. You bring a book everywhere you go and have at least one ebook/audiobook on your phone at all times.
  2. You know the limit for how many books you can check out from the library…and you’ve reached it at least once.
  3. The worst part about this COVID-19 chaos is that the library is closed and you can’t pick up the 5 books you have on hold.
  4. So you bought those 5 books on Amazon instead because waiting until May is not an option.
  5. You own several copies of your favorite books and hope to own more than one copy of several more books (for me this includes Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and Anne of Green Gables.) Basically, there is no such thing as owning too many copies of the same book.
  6. You have or aspire to have a room in your house dedicated entirely to your book collection.
  7. Some of your nerdiest life accomplishments include reading extremely long classics like Les Miserables and War and Peace. Super nerd status if you enjoy long classics and aspire to read them again. 😉
  8. You can finish a book in a day without completely disregarding the rest of your life. Or you can finish a book in a day and completely disregard the rest of your life.
  9. Wherever you travel in the world, you look up a few bookstores or libraries in advance and make the time to visit them on your trip.
  10. There is no such thing as too many books.

What are some of the signs you think mark a true bookworm? 
What did you especially love on my list?

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Signs of a Book Lover

  1. Eowyn

    I love #2. As a board member of our local library, I got an advance whiff of “closure imminent.” So I stocked up. Like 50 books. That oughtta last about 3 weeks. 🙂

    Oh, and no one room could hold my book collection. 🙂 Awhile back I cleared out an upstairs closet and made it into a Reading Room. Moved in a rocker. Shelving. A space heater. And a “Do Not Disturb: READING!” sign for the door.

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    1. First, that is fantastic that you stocked up pre-closure. Hope 50 books gets you thru a little time 😉

      And that is awesome!! I bought new book book shelves for my book room when we moved and I already feel like I could use another one 😉


    1. Such great aspirations! I found Les Miserables more exciting—probably because I love the musical so the story wasn’t as new to me. War and Peace is a whole different type of book–novel and historical commentary and political commentary. That one was harder to finish but perhaps I feel more accomplished having actually read it! Good luck when you get to these!


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