Thanksgiving Readathon 2017: Wrap Up

I hope y’all had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of family, good food, and great books!

We had such a fun time hosting our friends for the evening and even had more friends over the next day to eat more pie 🙂 The turkey turned out great. And we have had plenty of yummy leftovers.


Thanks to the lovely Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku and Ottavia @ Novels and Nonfiction for a fun readathon!

I am glad I tried to stay small in my #ThanksgivingReadathon goals because the week came and went so quickly! Here’s an update on how I did:

  • I finished Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. Just as wonderful and emotional and fabulous as the first time I read it.
  • I got to 71% in Les Mis! I forget how long it takes to read just 1% of this novel. But we are in an interesting point in the story (Cosette and Marius have finally met!) so I am feeling more invested at the moment. I’m grateful for long novels like this one that stretch me and challenge me to read dense and insightful literature.
  • I did not post any blog posts. Although, I am working on a review of Pride and Prejudice right now. It just didn’t come together between hosting, family time, season 4 of The Great British Baking Show, and all that pie eating 😉

I am grateful so much this time of year (and always!)

  • My sweet little family that has grown this year!
  • Our little home
  • My extended family
  • Good health
  • Football
  • Good weather
  • Friends
  • and more!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Readathon 2017: Wrap Up

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving season 🙂 I’ve never read Les Mis… I tend to be intimidated by lengthy books, especially lengthy classics. I’m sure I’ll give it a go someday.

    I still need to read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet! I own a copy & I just know I’ll love it… Why haven’t I picked it up?!

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  2. I’m so glad you joined us this year!! I had a ton of fun– mostly due to how many great people joined us! 😀 Les Miserables is quite a challenging book! I’m super impressed with the progress you’ve made. Do Cosette and Marius REALLY not meet until 70%?! Wow. That’s what… 45% in the musical? How much is cut out of the musicals?!

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        1. You get a ton of background about how he got to where he is the moment Jean Valjean comes into his home. And it makes his influence on Valjean all the more meaningful. Valjean thinks of him a lot and you get a reference to the priest’s death later.

          Super fascinating for sure!!

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  4. I had that same experience reading books during Thanksgiving weekend where you just keep clicking that Kindle button and the percentage won’t budge. It does get frustrating! But you’re getting closer to the finish line 🙂 I definitely need to tackle Les Miserables myself soon!

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