#AnneReadAlong2017: 10 Favorite Anne Characters

AGG Top 5 List (1)

Welcome to my October Top 5 Anne post as part of #AnneReadAlong2017!

Even if you can’t commit to reading the full series, we hope you will join us for some of the books and for other posts along the way. Jackie also put together a schedule of monthly Top 5 posts all themed around our favorite redheaded heroine. Hop in anytime!

This month’s theme is  10 favorite Anne characters. Enjoy!

Anne and Gilbert // I have to put these two first and together. I love Anne for her ambitions, her diligence, her passion, and the way she embraces each phase of life–from childhood, college, and motherhood. I love the Gilbert always loves her and the way their relationship ebbs and flows culminating in a beautiful marriage, home, and family.

Marilla Cuthbert // Marilla is just classic. I love the way she allows Anne into her heart. And her stubborn insistence on bringing Anne up properly. I love that we get glimpses of her throughout the series and that her love for Anne never wavers.

Miss Stacy // She makes my list for her incredible influence as a teacher. It is her passion and support that gets Anne to Queens and beyond.

Phillipa Gordon // Phil is hilarious. She makes me laugh, and she is also a bit ridiculous. I love that she always sees Anne so clearly and that she marries for love.

Miss Lavender and Paul Irving // I love these two quirky, imaginative characters. They are truly kindred spirits and Miss Lavender’s Echo Lodge is just enchanting!

Rebecca Dew and Susan Baker // Oh, how I wish I had a housekeeper half as fabulous as these two! They keep things running at Windy Poplars and Ingleside. They make fabulous baked goods. They can gossip with the best of them. But they also care deeply about Anne and her family.

Leslie Moore // I love Leslie because she is authentic. She is more complex than many of Anne’s other friends. But she also loves deeply, works passionately, and is fiercely loyal.

Okay, that is officially 10 characters! I will force myself to stop there. I will say that I cannot pick a favorite of the Blythe children yet, although I am partial to Jem and Walter and Rilla with that great lisp. 🙂 Excited to read more about them in the last two books in the series!

Who are your favorite Anne characters? 
And who are your least favorite?



5 thoughts on “#AnneReadAlong2017: 10 Favorite Anne Characters

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  2. Hahaha, cheater! Well done. I love this list, even if it’s twice as long as my own! I noticed that Matthew didn’t make either of our lists. I’m a bit sad about that, as he’s an amazing father figure. It makes sense considering the brevity of his connection to the series. But….

    And yay! I’m glad that Phil, Lavendar, Susan and Rebecca are all in here. Favorites of mine, too. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Thanks! Too hard to narrow it down. Oh my goodness! I just realized that because of your comment. I am so sad about that. I guess now that we are almost done with the full series, Matthew feels more like a distant memory. He is a wonderful father figure–you’re right!

      Love that we think the same on so many characters 🙂


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