Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Books On My Fall TBR

I love fall. Seriously, I think it is my favorite season. Crisp weather, changing leaves, pumpkin everything, football games, and the holiday seasons are upon us. Its just wonderful!

So I was super excited when I saw this week’s Top 10 Tuesday topic (hosted by The Broke and The Bookish). Today I am talking all about my fall TBR list. I love looking ahead to the books I will read in the future (that’s the fun part, right?). Without further ado, my top 10 fall TBR.

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer // I’m currently reading this one and loving book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles as much as I loved Cinder. Excited to finish this series this year!

Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan // A book about a quirky and mysterious bookstore. Sounds like a great read and next on my list.

The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown // I have had this book recommended to me by both my mom and mother in law. It follows the story of the 1936 US Rowing team as they go for gold in the Berlin Olympics.

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom // I recently realized I have never read this book. So it’s first on my fall Classics Club list. Looking forward to reading it.

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess by Meg Cabot // I loved The Princess Diaries books what I was growing up. This novel, published this year, follows the adventures of Mia’s long lost sister. It sounds just darling.

Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley // I loved The Night Circus when I read it earlier this year. So I went searching for other circus themed books. And I hear great things about this one. If only I would get to the top of the reserved list at the library.

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee // I’m going to do it! I’m going to read Harper Lee’s somewhat controversial prequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, and I think I will at least enjoy it.

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott // I absolutely loved Little Women. So here’s another one on my Classics Club list. It is a sequel following the lives of Jo’s children.

Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery // One of my favorite books as a child. This one also made my Classics Club list.Β I am excited to read it again and to write a review of this fantastic novel.

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau // I love this movie but haven’t gotten to the book before. Looking forward to reading it!

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Books On My Fall TBR

  1. Once you finish Scarlet, you have to continue with Cress – it’s by far my favourite book (and favourite couple) of the series to date. And same as you, I can’t wait to finish this series by the end of this year! πŸ™‚ I haven’t read Go Set a Watchman yet – it’ll be interesting to see what Harper Lee has instore for us. Great list!

    Thank you for stopping by my post earlier πŸ™‚

    Obsessive Compulsive Reader


    1. I just finished Scarlet yesterday (just posted my review) and I’m already needing Cress! Super excited to check it out. Have you read Fairest? I am intrigued by it because after Scarlet, I really don’t like Queen Levana. Might be interesting to hear more about her. I agree about Go Set A Watchman. Should be good. And you’re welcome!


  2. My book group is reading The Boys in the Boat next month! I don’t usually go for non-fiction, but I’ve heard great things about this one. I keep telling myself that this will be the year when I FINALLY read Anne of Green Gables! I’d love to re-read Little Women, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys one of these days. I don’t remember the last two very much. I hope you’re enjoying Scarlet – I love that series, and can’t wait for Winter!


    1. Thank you! I am excited for Boys in the Boat too. And I hope you get to Anne of Green Gables. Its one of my favorites. Just classic. I am devouring Scarlet–it’s awesome! Looking forward to the rest of the series too. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! Cinder is really cool–so creative how she mixes the traditional fairy tale with her dystopian world. And the last book comes out this year so we won’t even have to wait for it πŸ™‚


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