[The Sweet Rom”Com”s]: A Series Review

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Hope you’re staying warm especially my friends up in Idaho. I am excited to share a series review of most of the Sweet Rom”Com” series by Kortney Keisel. I read the first book in the series, Compared, early last year and loved it. I was so excited that Kortney released several sequels last year as well. So today I excited to share my review of Commit, Complex, and Complete.

These books are such a fun series about the love stories of the Johnson family siblings. All the books are clean, funny, and full of fantastic romantic gestures. Commit is a novella and occurs first chronologically. Then in order, we have Compared, Complex, and Complete. Each can be read on their own but are more fun to read in order 🙂

Book Summaries: Commit “A destination wedding in Key West—sounds amazing, right? Nope. Not when you’re forced to spend all weekend with your ex-girlfriend. It’s fine. Not awkward at all. I’ve had two months since she dumped me to construct a heart of stone. Seeing Remi again will be easy.

The hard part? Pretending like I’m not still in love with her when all I want is to get back together. How do you get over the love of your life? You don’t. I’ve tried. So unless Remi gives me a second chance, I’ll be the male version of the crazy cat lady—destined to live alone forever. After this weekend, it might be time to invest in some animals to keep me company.”

Complex:Tiny Little Lie #1: I want the new resort in Turks and Caicos to open on schedule. Tiny Little Lie #2: I’m not falling for Luke McKenna.

Unfortunately, those tiny little lies snowballed into something bigger. Much bigger. Now I’m stuck. It sounds bad. But I’m not a bad person. I’m doing the right thing…I think. I’m telling myself I’m a superhero in heels, saving people I care about. But the grumpy onsite contractor isn’t making things easy. The more I lie and try to stall the hotel opening, the harder he works to complete the project. Did I mention he’s handsome? And moody? And brooding? And my complete opposite in every way?

If the truth about what I’ve done comes out, Luke will never forgive me. Then I’ll have to face another truth: my attraction to him might actually be something more—something worth fighting for.

Complete: “Ben and I are just friends. We’ve tried to be more, but it never works. There’s no chemistry between us. At least that’s the story I tell everyone.

Truth is, I’m pining for Ben. HARD. Like Taylor Swift, You Belong With Me, hard. I don’t know what happened. Suddenly, his casual touch is fire, and his easy smile stops my heart. But Ben has put me in the friend zone. Permanently. His supermodel girlfriend and him setting me up with a pro football player confirm this. It’s time to bury these feelings. Lock them up. A famous pro athlete is exactly what I need to get over my infatuation. Except Ben isn’t making things easy. He’s leveled up his touching and flirting—all good stuff unless you’re trying to move on with your life.

So what’s a girl to do? Confess my feelings & risk losing my best friend? Or keep on pretending and end up with the wrong man?

Getting to know each Johnson sibling was so fun in these stories; I love their family chemistry and friendship. One of my favorite things about series like this is the continuing story. We get to see each of the protagonists again after their stories are complete. I love getting glimpses of Meg and Tyler after their book. And we see some build up of Brooke and Ben’s story before their book. I enjoyed getting to know Matt, Meg, Tessa and Brooke and getting inside their heads. They are well written characters with unique complexities. I enjoyed getting to know Tessa through her insecurities and fears. I enjoyed seeing how Brooke realizes her feelings for Ben but struggles to tell him. And all of them work through their grief after their mother’s death in different, meaningful ways. Of course, I think their dad Paul is the star of the series and is full of wisdom and love. He always says exactly what his kids need to hear! I love that. The family test threads were so fun too. I was rooting for this family from the beginning and loved getting everyone’s happily ever afters.

The romances in these books are sweet, swoony, and full of fun flashbacks and meet cutes. Remi and Matt have great chemistry and their relationship flashbacks were a favorite of mine. Their first meeting, their first date, kiss, saying I love you. All sweet and fun to read. Tessa and Luke are a classic enemies to lovers romance and I love the details of their relationship together and how they help each other through hard things. Mother’s Day for Tessa, group activities on the job site, fighting for each other. Brooke and Ben’s story is my favorite in the series. The way she falls in love with her best friend and tries to tell him. Also enjoying her interactions with her family especially siblings. And her skill for design was fun to read about too. I loved the flashbacks to years ago in their relationship. Their meet-cute, first awkward kiss, and Brooke’s mother’s funeral. These romances are full of surprising twists. You hope they end up together but it doesn’t seem possible until the very end of the stories.

These books are light, fun and easy to get into. These are a great escape series if you’re looking for something fun but not too heavy. Yes, they discuss some difficult topics like grief over the death of a parent and infertility. But those hard topics are lightened by the family banter and swoony kisses. There are moments that characters frustrated me like when Remi won’t tell Matt why she brought up with him. Or when Tessa is trying to sabotage her own job despite knowing it’s wrong. Or Ben won’t admit he has feelings for Brooke and is making all the wrong moves. These characters aren’t perfect and perhaps that makes them more endearing. I love seeing them find happiness and continue their journeys in the epilogues.

This is such a fun series and I enjoyed all of these romcoms. The characters are complex and likable. The romance is the right blend of tension and swoony. And the endings all give us a satisfying conclusion. Great series!


What are some of your favorite romcoms?
What do you recommend to read for Kortney Keisel fans?

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