[Freddie’s Amazing Bakery]: A Series Review

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Spring is in the air! I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather and spending some time outside.

I recently finished reading aloud a fun series with my kids. We loved the baking and fun characters in the Freddie’s Amazing Bakery series by Harriet Whitehorn. These fun stories are so fun to read with young kids.

Book Summaries: “Book 1: Freddie Bonbon is the kindest boy in town. He is also the most amazing baker – he just doesn’t know it! So when the King of Cakes competition is announced, all his friends and customers encourage him to enter. Everyone wants Freddie to win! Everyone that is, except rival baker Bernard, who will go to any lengths to make sure Freddie’s showstopper cake is a raspberry-blowing disaster! 

Book 2: A famous actress’ much-loved and pampered cat is catnapped from the Van de Lune Hotel. Then Bernard’s cat Otto disappears too! It’s up to Freddie to discover what’s going on …

Book 3: Freddie Bonbon is THE BEST baker in Belville and although life is busy, he always has time to lend a hand and solve his friends’ problems! In this third story in the series Freddie’s best friend Amira is excited to be dancing in the Summer Show – but disaster strikes when her partner Samuel gets injured. Luckily Freddie is happy to try and combat his nerves and learn the steps. But as the big day arrives, rival Bernard – ever ready to step in if Freddie changes his mind – is waiting in the wings with some naughty tricks up his sleeve. Watch out Freddie!

Book 4: Freddie Bonbon is sweet by name and sweet by nature! He runs the most amazing bakery in town and although life is busy, he always has time to lend a hand to his friends and customers. But not everyone in the picturesque town of Belville appreciates Freddie’s baking—rival baker Bernard will do anything to sabotage Freddie’s spectacular showstoppers.

These stories are delightful and Freddie is a likable, kind protagonist. I think Freddie is central to why these stories work so well. He is a good friend and helps his community. He has a lot of great friendships with the people around him. I loved how he helps Amira, Sophie — more no matter how hard or new or surprising for him. It’s really fun to read about all his amazing baking creations from his bike race cake to the dessert inspired doughnuts. The stories are full of fun plots including a summer talent show, a baking competition, a bike race, a kidnapped pet, and lots of fun details along the way. The narrator is fun and tells the stories simply so young readers can easily follow the stories.

Bernard is a fun villain but also a confusing one at times. Our favorite story with him was the bike race and we enjoyed his antics and were relieved how things ended. He has a big crush on Amira that doesn’t really do anything for the story. He is a jerk to most people except Amira. Luckily Amira sees this and isn’t interested. But I’m not sure why that detail is included. This is a children’s book so I think the crush is a bit old for the audience. Also Bernard doesn’t always have a consequence or punishment for his actions. He tries to make things fall apart for Freddie but never gets punished. I just would like a clearer lesson there.

These books are great for read aloud for many reasons!

  • Short chapters and fun stories
  • Clever use of fonts
  • Cute pictures of characters, action, and cakes
  • Lots of fun characters for voices reading aloud

Overall, this is a fun series for kids. The stories are exciting and we enjoyed meeting the characters and reading about the delicious baked goods. Each book had a recipe and we’re excited to try them sometime! A fun series!

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What are some of your favorite read alouds for kids?

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