[The Nabob’s Daughter]: A Review

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Today I am really excited to share my review of The Nabob’s Daughter by Jess Heileman. I absolutely loved this book!! It was recommended by my good friend, and it was fantastic!

51ngabucbblBook Summary: “She’ll do anything to escape an arranged marriage. He’ll do anything to help her.

Honora Crauford relishes her life in India. So when her father informs her of his latest business transaction—marrying her off to a bankrupt nobleman in England—her only hope for returning home is to convince her betrothed, by whatever antics necessary, that a marriage to her comes at a cost that not even the greatest fortune can justify.

Graham Whitworth can hardly believe his wretched luck. It seems the only way to save his family’s insolvent estate is to comply with his father’s demands and marry the extremely wealthy, but utterly ridiculous, nabob’s daughter. But when Honora missteps, Graham discerns her farce and begins to see who she truly is—a most impressive lady. A lady likely capable of fixing his family’s financial troubles.

Realizing they both desire freedom, Graham and Honora join forces to restore the Whitworth estate and return Honora to her beloved India. But sometimes love has its own agenda, and the revoking of a once undesirable arrangement may just prove to be the greatest sacrifice of all.

I love Honora so much; she is clever, loyal, passionate, and beautiful inside and out. I couldn’t believe some of the antics she goes through with in her quest to go home to India. Her ridiculous voice, the rude way she interacts with everyone from Graham and his father to the servants. The outrageous ideas about customs and thinking. But I love that as we get to know her better, we see her kind heart, her devotion to those she loves, and her determination to make her own choice. I loved seeing her fall in love with England and with Graham.

Graham was a fantastic character as well and so easy to cheer for. I loved getting inside his head throughout the novel. It was so fun to see how quickly he falls head over heels in love with Honora. And how he seeks to show her that he cares while also doing what he thinks will make her happy. It was interesting to read about his experiences learning to run an estate and his complex relationships with his family, especially his father. I loved how Honora and Graham bring out the best in each other. And how easily they fall in love (but how much they fight that too!). And I love that he calls her Dora.

Gorgeous writing with so many incredible details from the time period. This story felt like it was written in the Regency Era, not simply about it. Sometimes, historical romance can read a bit stiff, like it doesn’t quite know how to sounds like it’s from the past. Not the case here. This story was beautifully created from the first pages. I loved the beautiful imagery describing the estate, the sea, the colors in Indian inspired cloth, the way Alicia does Honora’s hair, the flowers in the garden, and the looks on characters faces. The list could go on. Lovely writing throughout!

I loved the unique subjects woven into this story. I haven’t read many stories that incorporate India into the Regency era in novels. But I am always intrigued by them. The other world feel of that setting was so interesting. I enjoyed reading about Honora’s passionate love for her home and the many anecdotes she shares about it as well. One of my favorite scenes in the whole novel is the Indian themed dinner. The food, the music, the decorations, the colors, the juggler, and Honora’s amazing dress. The details were exquisite, and I felt transported to a place I’ve never been. I also appreciated the historical details about how people from India were treated at this time. Honora’s friendships with Ansuya and others were really beautifully developed. I appreciated how she treated them as equals and friends.

Of course, the romance was absolutely fantastic in this book. The tension between Honora and Graham is thick from nearly their first meeting. It is so obvious that they both care for each other. And we get so many swoony moments leading up to their first kiss (wow what a kiss!!). I loved their witty banter, their walk on the beach, moments they gave each other a look or squeezed an arm for courage, playing with the kids, him at her door, moments when they saw no one but each other, and every sweet word and loving embrace. Also their self sacrifices for each other. I really didn’t see how they would find a way to be together in the end. But love always finds a way. I love them together!

Overall, I loved this novel! The characters are complex and engaging. I loved the descriptions of settings, people, food, rooms, and cultures. The ending was incredibly satisfying. The twists were surprising and well developed without being too easily tied up. One of my favorite reads of 2022 and a favorite historical romance!


What are some of your favorite historical time periods?
Do you enjoy Regency set historical romance?

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