[The Buy-In]: A Review

Hi y’all!

Happy Valentine’s week! I hope you’ve had a week full of love and laughter.

I am so excited to share a recent read of mine that I absolutely loved — The Buy-In by Emma St. Clair! Emma St Clair writes such witty, engaging stories. The banter back and forth between Lindy and Pat was fantastic. I loved their movie quotes and the way Pat is always “verbing nouns.” So fun to read their conversations!

Quick plug for Emma St. Clair: I love her books!! I was so excited to read this book after loving The Love Cliches series and her stand alone novel Royally Rearranged. This one was a fantastic addition to that world! It was so fun that we see some of my favorite characters from the original series — of course Harper and Chase are in this story. And Tank (can’t wait for his story!!) Also Collin and James and we even get a glimpse of Thayden and Delilah (and a reference to Abby). I loved seeing them in this story!


Book Summary: ““You can’t Schitt’s Creek a town, Tank.”   “And you can’t verb a noun, son.”

When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn’t intend to start a war with its residents … or to fall in love.

Ever since his career-ending injury, Pat has bounced from job to job, idea to idea, short-lived relationship to short-lived relationship. But when his father purchases the town of Sheet Cake, Pat suddenly sees his life with clear purpose: get his brothers on board with his dad’s wild idea and win back the one woman who got away.

Lindy was supposed to be traveling the world, not stuck in a small town, caring for her niece. But she would do anything to keep custody of Jo–even if that looks like a marriage of convenience with the man who already broke her heart once. Now if she can only keep herself from falling back in love with her husband…

This is a small town, marriage of convenience romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. Perfect for fans of Sarah Adams and Sariah Wilson!

Pat is a fantastic protagonist because he is just so lovable. I loved getting inside his head and learning more about his past and his dreams for the future. Like all of Emma’s characters, he is complex and relatable. Not everything has gone his way in life, and he has regrets and hopes like we all do. He changes a lot in this story and fights for what he believes in. I love how good he is to Lindy and how much he shows her that he loves her. Also his fantastic quirks were so endearing — the giggling! the ticklish spots! the screaming like a girl! They just made him more lovable.

Lindy is a fascinating protagonist because of all the good she does for others while expecting nothing in return. I was really impressed by her character from beginning to end. She takes in her niece and loves her like her own daughter. She takes care of her ailing mother (so hard to experience that!) she gives up her dreams and goals for traveling the world, her house is falling apart, and she loses Pat. That is more than anyone should endure! And yet, she is able to find love and joy in her life. I loved her support system with her good friend Val and Winnie (can’t wait for her story with James!!) and Mari and Big Mo and Chevy. The ending with Jo and custody brought tears to my eyes! And I loved watching her walls break down as Pat shows her that she is worthy and deserving of deep commitment and love.

Their love story is swoon worthy and so satisfying. I love how they both bend the rules that Lindy sets for them. I love how their lives fit together so well almost immediately and how Pat loves little Jo so quickly. Seeing them create such a beautiful family was so special! I loved when Pat reveals the loft to Lindy with all the details. Or how she notices all the things he does to fix up the farmhouse. Also the hilarious moments together like the BBQ squirrels!! So funny! And their long awaited kisses are fantastic — good luck at the football game and in the rain. Woo so swoony! I love how devoted they both are and how the finally realize that they are better together no matter what.

The small town setting is so fun! There are so many fun details that make this quirky town lovable. Love the small town banter and fight for control. Love the Friday night football atmosphere. The friends that become family. The incredible diner food. The best friends and lifelong enemies. The renovations on the darling old town. And all the potential for more stories here! I hope we get to know more characters and experience at least one sheet cake festival.

I can’t say enjoy good things about this book. I love everything I read from Emma St Clair and this is no exception. I loved this book! Can’t wait to read more in this series!


What are your favorite small town romances?
Any Emma St Clair fans out there? Which are your favorite novels?

Book 2 comes out later this year! I am here for that!

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