[Top 10 Tuesday]: Great Potential for TV Series

Hi y’all!

Welcome back to Top 10 Tuesday (on a Wednesday!) hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! I’m going off prompt this week and sharing some books that I think would make great TV series. A few blogger friends have posted lists on this topic in the last few weeks (please comment if this was you — I can’t remember exactly!). I thought this was such a fun topic so I decided to try it myself this week.

We recently watched the Disney series adaptation of The Mysterious Benedict Society. And while not completely true to the book, I did enjoy it. So I have been thinking — which books would make great TV series? Hope you enjoy!

I hope to one day see some TV adaptations of these! 
What books do you think would be great on TV?

6 thoughts on “[Top 10 Tuesday]: Great Potential for TV Series

  1. Claire G

    I haven’t heard of any of those books! I think tv adaptations can be hit or miss but have way more potential of doing a better job than a movie because they have more time and episodes (obviously) to do the book justice. I LOVE a good genre blend (for tv and books) and I recently came across a book series that I think would be perfect for television – “Touch the Sky” and “Daughter of the Sky” by Alison Blasdell (https://alisonblasdell.com/). This is a historical romance series BUT they can definitely be read out of order. “Daughter of the Sky” was my favorite. It was a faced-past read full of adventure, romance and even some paranormal aspects thrown in. The premise follows two women; one from medieval Europe, the daughter of King Henry (Lady Gwenivere Tudor). She is kidnapped and held captive. Our modern protagonist, Jennifer, a somewhat normal, everyday woman has the power to see through the eyes of the captive prisoner. I loved the back and forth between the two time periods. Two women in completely different circumstances, but somehow connected. I loved the parallels and the way the author weaves these stories together. If you can – definitely add at least one of these books to your fall TBR pile. And let me know what you think!

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    1. That is a fair point, Susan! There are things that just can’t be done on screen. I did keep a few favorites off this list for that very reason — tv would ruin them! But I like TV over movie because you have more time to develop the plot and things — like the 6hr BBC Pride and Prejudice which I LOVE 🙂

      I’m right there with you though. I have to separate the two or I will always be disappointed with the adaptations! Thanks for stopping by, my friend 🙂


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