Happy 6th Blogiversary!

Hello friends!

After a big vacation and the ensuing recovering, I am back on an exciting day!

Happy 6th Blogiversary, Greenish Bookshelf!

I am so thrilled to have reached another milestone in my blogging journey. As the years go by, life certainly gets more busy and complicated. We’ve welcomed new children into our family. We’ve moved across the country and back again. We’ve bought a house and I’ve bought books to fill every bookshelf I own (then bought more shelves). It’s been a crazy, stressful, wonderful journey. And I’m grateful for this little blog, a place for my bookish self.


As always, I like to share my blog stats every year because it is so fun for me to see how much I continue to write and how many people I get to connect with in this wonderful book blogging world.

653 Posts
1004 Followers (THANK YOU! I am thrilled!)
332 Reviews
32 Book Lists
I finished all 50 Classics on my 1st Classics Club list
41 Winners finished for my Newbery Challenge
Constantly adding to my TBR and buying new books πŸ™‚


Thanks for being a part of my corner of the bookish internet!
Here’s to many more years!

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