6 Books that Celebrate Food

Welcome back to Book List Saturdays! I am excited to share some of my favorite books that celebrate food today.

Food is such a memorable way to connect people–both characters and readers. I love books that describe food in beautiful ways and use it to cultivate love and belonging in the characters.

I hope you enjoy this short list of some of my delicious favorites!

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George // I read this book several years ago and it’s just beautiful. It’s a celebration of books and food set in Paris and several towns nearing the South of France as Jean Perdu takes his bookshop boat (yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds) on a journey to rediscover love and redemption.

A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Reay // I love all of Katherine’s novels, but this one is particularly perfect for a list about foodie books. It’s a great love story about Emily Price who marries Ben, a talented chef, back to his hometown in Tuscany, Italy. The food is, of course, mouth watering, and I love the story of love, family, and reconciliation.
Bonus for Italian Food: Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay // Katherine deserves a second pick this week that is just as delicious but in a different way. Sisters Elizabeth and Jane are not as close as they could be, but when Lizzy comes to help Jane as she goes through chemotherapy, that begins to change. Lizzy is a high profile chef in NYC but she seems to find her calling making food for cancer patients. A beautiful tribute to the power of food to heal the body and the soul.

Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden // I love Elizabeth’s historical fiction novels because they always showcase a lesser known era in American history. In this novel, Sophie is an aspiring meteorologist volunteering along the Hudson River Valley. When Quentin–heir to the estate where her equipment is located–unexpected returns home, she is pulled into the household–first as the mansion’s cook. And wow, can Sophie cook! I still remember making scrambled eggs and muffins when I was pregnant after reading about hers!

The Saturday Night Supper Club by Carla Laureano // I finished this novel about a week ago and really enjoyed it! Rachel is a popular, impressive chef in Denver when an article written by a complete stranger destroys her career. By seeming chance, she and Alex (the article’s author) team up to create The Saturday Night Supper Club–an invitation only fine dining experience. The food is incredible, the love story is beautiful, and I can’t wait to read the sequel (about Rachel’s pastry chef best friend!).

Five Days in Skye by Carla Laureano // Carla also deserves a second spot on this list for her fantastic talents writing about food. Andrea takes a less than ideal assignment to Scotland to land a contract with famous chef James MacDonald. But her trip to Skye will change her life. Everything is so brilliant in this novel from the descriptions of the food (James really is an artist) to the flawed and personable characters. I love this book!


  • Dinner at the Beavers’ House in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • Harry’s first Hogwarts feast in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Babette’s feast // Yes, this is a movie, not a book. But it deserves recognition! I saw this film as a grad student and was overwhelmed by the power, beauty and symbolism. Babette creates a grand feast for a small village but she holds her past and its secrets hidden from residents. It’s a beautiful movie! We went out to dinner afterwards and talked about the film and the power of food. One of my favorite (and hardest) classes!

What are your favorite books that celebrate food?

15 thoughts on “6 Books that Celebrate Food

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  2. Diana @ Thoughts on Papyrus

    Nice list! “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris and “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel are food- celebrating books that I love.

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      1. Diana @ Thoughts on Papyrus

        You have probably also heard of that famous film “Chocolat” (2000) with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche. It follows the events in the book with some changes. “Like Water for Chocolate” is written by Mexican writer Laura Esquivel, and is considered now a sort of a classic in Latin American literature. There is not much chocolate there, but Tita’s wondrous cooking is everywhere in that book, and each chapter begins with a recipe, if I remember correct. It also has a great film adaptation.

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