#AnneReadAlong2017: Top 5 Anne Soundtrack

AGG Top 5 List (1)

Welcome to the July Top 5 post as part of the #AnneReadAlong2017! Even if you can’t commit to reading the full series, we hope you will join us for some of the books and for other posts along the way. She also put together a schedule of monthly Top 5 posts all themed around our favorite redheaded heroine.

I have to admit this list was hard for me to compile. I am probably overthinking it. But hope you enjoy the Top 5 songs on my Anne reading playlist!


“Pure Imagination” sung by Josh Groban // Okay, this song just seems perfect to describe Anne’s beautiful imagination. Plus, I love anything sung by Josh Groban.

“My Favorite Things” sung by Julie Andrews // I feel like Maria Von Trapp and Anne Shirley would be kindred spirits. This song fits for me because it’s all about seeing the world in positive ways and focusing on what makes you happy. And we all know Anne is capable of both 🙂


“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman // We watch a lot of Pixar movies at our house 🙂 So this song has been stuck in my head for months. It seems fitting to include to represent all of Anne’s kindred spirit friendships.


“I Will Always Love You” sung by Whitney Houston // Yes, this is a love ballad. But isn’t it true of Gilbert’s love at first sight and his enduring love for Anne. Plus, it’s a classic! Also, anyone else always picture Johnathan Crombie as Gilbert? He is Gilbert for me!


“My Wish” sung by Rascal Flatts // I feel like this is the song Matthew would sing to Anne. He just loves her so much and is so proud of her accomplishments–always pushing her to reach for the stars and to be herself.

Okay, that was hard! What about you?
What songs belong on your Anne reading playlist?

4 thoughts on “#AnneReadAlong2017: Top 5 Anne Soundtrack

  1. I *love* your collection of songs! These songs really embody the personality I think about when I think of Anne Shirley. I wasn’t familiar with My Wish, but now I’m listening to a ton of Rascall Flatts. I also had no idea that Josh Groban covered Pure Imagination! I miss Gene Wilder.

    Great post, Jane! I hope all is well with your new bundle of joy at home!

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  2. Oh man! I think you really picked some real winners here, but in my opinion, the best would have to be “My Favorite Things” sung by Julie Andrews. Once I read that title, I shouted “YES!” because it is so Anne! You and Jackie are so dang creative. I’m really slacking in my readalong duties ((hangs head in shame))

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    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! I had a hard time coming up with this list but I think I did pretty good in the end 🙂 Haha, right? I think Maria and Anne are soul sisters. And no worries! jump back on the bandwagon and be creative with us 😉


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