#AnneReadAlong2017: Top 5 List, Present-Day Anne Adventures

AGG Top 5 List (1)

Welcome to my June Top 5 List as part of the #AnneReadAlong2017!

I think these top 5 lists are so fun. And they are an easy way to get involved in our#AnneReadAlong2017. Check out Jackie’s post here for more info. And enjoy my list this month!

Top 5 Adventures Present-Day Anne Would Have Gotten Up To

  1. Author book signings and book festivals. Anne loves novels and plans a particularly elaborate dinner party when she expects a famous author at her home, only to have the event canceled and then have a surprise visit not go as planned. I think Anne would be fangirling like the rest of us at the prospect of meeting a favorite author, having a book signed, or–even better–several at once!
  2. Community Theater. Anne is a regular contributor to various concerts in the first books. While she usually recites at them, I think she would be all about community theater productions today.
  3. Visiting Botanical Gardens, Arboretums, and old cemeteries. Anne loves being outdoors in nature. I think she would find a lot of scope for the imagination in these types of places, especially if she lived far from the countryside.
  4. Antique Shopping. Remember when Anne goes to a stranger’s house to ask if she can buy their authentic, same-pattern-as-Miss-Berry’s platter and ends up stuck in their roof? Hilarious! I think she would be all about finding “authentic” pieces in little antique shops and trying to get them for the best bargains.
  5. Cooking classes. Anne has some pretty funny blunders in the kitchen over the first several books. I think she would be great to have in a little cooking class–at William Sonoma or even just a neighborhood cooking club. She would probably mess us a few recipes and give us all great stories to go home with.

What sorts of adventures do you think Anne would have in the present day?

Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku

Share your thoughts in the comments and link your own Top 5 Anne Post in the form below.

7 thoughts on “#AnneReadAlong2017: Top 5 List, Present-Day Anne Adventures

  1. I adore this list, Jane! Of *course* Anne would get involved in community theatre. I can just imagine her working with all the students of Avonlea school, or even at Redmond College to put together a community show. She does tend to lead, doesn’t she? I also adore the antiquing idea. I wonder what sort of mischief she would get up to in an antique store?

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