Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have

Hi everyone! Today I’m back with a post as part of Top 5 Wednesday. T5W is a weekly meme is hosted by Sam @ ThoughtsOnTomes.  You can visit the Goodreads T5W group for more info. This week’s topic is fictional jobs you’d want to have. Excited to share some nerdy fictional jobs today. Enjoy!


Most of these come from fantasy novels. Interesting.

Hogwarts Professor from Harry Potter // I love this series and how cool would it be to work at Hogwarts? I would especially love to teach transfiguration or charms.

Auror from Harry Potter // Okay, this one is pretty intense. And yes it’s also from Harry Potter. But I still think it would be awesome to be an Auror and defeat evil wizards. I would need some training from Harry himself and the DA first of course 🙂

Magician at The Night Circus // Okay, basically I just want to work at the Night Circus in some capacity because it is one of my most favorite worlds ever. So neat!

Bookstore owner in Stars Hollow // I would love to own a bookstore one day (in real life) and how I would love to live in Stars Hollow and be best friends with the Gilmore Girls.

Astronaut that goes to Mars from The Martian // Except I really don’t want to get stuck on Mars. I just want to see it and come home.

What are some of your favorite fictional jobs?

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