Top 10 Tuesday: What I LOVE (other than books)

Welcome back to another week of Top 10 Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! I really love this meme and love making my lists weekly. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

This week’s topic is really fun because it is outside our normal bookish world: Ten Facts About Me. We can go in any direction with this. And I decided to try to go as outside the bookish world as possible. You all know about my bookish obsessions (Harry Potter, British Lit, historical romance–to name a few) and my bookish dreams (visit a million literary sites, write a book, have a library in my house). Plus I have gushed about why I love reading a lot too.

SO I decided to draw up a list of fun facts about me that are not bookish (or at least a little removed 🙂 ) Enjoy my list of “what I love (other than books)!


I love Harry Potter World. // I went with my husband to the glorious HPW in Orlando a few years ago. And it was seriously magical. We need to go back (and to the new Diagon Alley)!

I love the color green. // Always have and always will.

I love American football. // And I know the ins and outs of the game rather well too. Always cheering on my teams–51 days until the season starts!


I love England. // Seriously, I have visited twice and just fell in love. I love London; I love the countryside and the seaside; I love the telephone booths, the history, the breakfasts, the literature, the people, everything. I want to live there someday.

I love a clean house. // I’m not a chronic cleaner or anything, but I do appreciate getting the house in order and organizing things.


I love cooking and baking. // I love finding new recipes and making delicious food for my family and friends to eat.

I love scrapbooking. // I have always enjoyed putting together memories of my family. I am working on several projects right now simultaniously in preparation for our big move.

I love rain. // Seriously. When I wake up to a cloudy day or when I feel that first rain drop, I get so excited! Love a good rainstorm and the clean smell afterwards.


I love coconut chocolate chip ice cream. // This is the best ice cream ever, especially from Graeter’s Ice Cream. Love this stuff!

I love dinner parties with friends. // We just had a great one last night with some of our dear friends. There’s just something about good food and good conversation that makes me so happy.

What do you love that isn’t bookish?


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