Happy Anniversary, Greenish Bookshelf!

I am so excited to announce that today marks my one year anniversary of book blogging here on greenish bookshelf!


What a fantastic year it has been! I have come a long way from my first post exactly one year ago today. This year has helped me I become more excited about and dedicated to reading than ever before! I can’t want to keep reading and reviewing!

I have reviewed over 60 books from all sorts of genres.

I have published over 160 different posts.

My TBR has grown exponetially thanks to your recommendations and GoodReads.

I’ve discovered some of my new favorite books and series.

And I have made so many great friendships with incredible bloggers like you!

Thank you for reading, commenting, and enjoying greenishbookshelf! Here is to many more years of reading, reviewing, and blogging 🙂

24 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Greenish Bookshelf!

  1. rattlethestarssite

    This is so exciting! Happy anniversary 🙂 1 year is a long time and I love visiting your blog. Here’s to another amazing year!! *sending hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

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