[War and Peace] Book 7: A Review

I’m sneaking in one last review this month before its May already! Tonight I’m reviewing book 7 in War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

I am excited to review another book in War and Peace because, honestly, I have been in a bit of slump lately with this classic. It’s just so huge! And I have past the 400 page mark. And I am not half way done yet. Its a bit discouraging. But I powered through this book!


This book takes place mainly in the Rostov’s home. Nicholas is home on leave to help his parents who are in serious financial trouble. Natasha is enduring her one year secret engagement to Prince Andrew who is away. Sonya is as kind and gentle as ever. We read about a spirited hunt, a complicated Christmas, a kiss between Nicholas and Sonya, and the continually deteriorating affairs of the Rostov parents.

I found the middle of this book to read rather slow. There were a lot of little scenes and little conversations that didn’t seem important or connected to the overall story arch. It took us several chapters to read about the hunting party. Perhaps I was anxious, like Natasha, for Prince Andrew’s return and for their marriage to take place. And I felt pretty annoyed by Count Rostov’s inability to stop living outside his means.

Nicholas was actually one of my favorite characters in this book. He finally seems to be growing up a bit and seems more mature than his parents during their discussions of finances and in his choice to marry for love (I really love that). I appreciate the way he brings his family together and is becoming the leader of the family as well.

Things that are tricky and/or confusing:

  • Why does it seem that the Rostov finances cannot be saved except if Nicholas marries a wealthy heiress? Seems a bit unfair!

Themes and questions I am enjoying/pondering:

  • How does one define love and how does one fall in love? Sonya and Nicholas are very different than Andrew and Natasha yet they both are in love.

I think I’m still in a bit of a slump with this book. But I am almost to the half way point which is huge!

8 thoughts on “[War and Peace] Book 7: A Review

  1. All will be revealed… But yes, the pressure on Nicholas was huge. And how about princess Mary, how can she possibly judge if men want to marry her for her fortune or her personality? Or Pierre for that matter, no girl dignified him with a second glance, but when he inherits the largest fortune in Russia, the most beautiful Hélène is interested. And that is precisely what Tolstoy wanted you to do; have a good think about these things. It really is the best book ever by miles and miles.. Enjoy!

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