Blogging Extravaganza: Animals and Books


Guys, I love this blogging extravaganza. It’s so clever and so fun! Today’s prompt is puppies and books. Check out our host Rachel’s post today @ Beauty and the Bookshelf. It has seriously inspired me today. I thought I would try to pair baby animals with a few book covers/movie posters. Not sure how this will go, but enjoy!

What do you think? Aren’t these baby animals cute?

12 thoughts on “Blogging Extravaganza: Animals and Books

  1. I saw the adorable elephant and thought you had achieved peak cute, but then there were the otters. And the hedgehog. And the duckling. And now I’m just delighted there is so much cute in the world. Awesome interpretation for the day!

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  2. Penni

    This was cute. I haven’t done mine yet, but I really need to. My new work schedule has me so out of touch. LOL

    I really liked what you did instead of the puppies.

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