The Little House Series: 2016 Read Along

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I am so excited that Bex over at An Armchair by the Sea and Lynn at Smoke and Mirrors have created this read along for 2016!

I absolutely loved the Little House series as a child so I am so excited to read the full series this coming year and write about it here on my blog!

little house books

Here are the details:

We are reading one book a month during 2016–the 11 novels and then an auto/biography in December. Each month the lovely hosting ladies will do an intro post where we can link in our reviews of the books as well as post their own reviews of the novels.

Here’s the schedule:

January – Little House in the Big Woods
February – Little House on the Prairie
March – Farmer Boy
April – On the Banks of Plum Creek
May – By the Shores of Silver Lake
June – The Long Winter
July – Little Town on the Prairie 
August – These Happy Golden Years
September – The First Four Years
October – On the Way Home
November – West from Home 
December – Pioneer Girl/ A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert (we are going to read one each of these and then both if we have time. You are welcome to choose either one or any other book related to Laura Ingalls Wilder) 

I am so excited to participate! If you are interested, follow the links at the top of my post to their original read-along posts. Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “The Little House Series: 2016 Read Along

  1. This sounds like such fun! I loved these books as a child, and then enjoyed them all over again by reading them with my daughter. I try to avoid reading commitments in general, but when January rolls around, I may decide to join in!

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