Beautiful Childhood Classic [Winnie the Pooh]: A Review

Hi friends! Today I’m here with a review of a truly lovely children’s classic: Winnie the Pooh. I have known the stories of Pooh for years. But I had never read the sweet books. My uncle sent me his old set of the books for my birthday this year. They are so pretty! Recently, I finished reading the first book out loud to my husband. We just loved it!


Winnie the Pooh follows the adventures of Pooh and his best friend, Christopher Robin, in the Hundred Acre Wood where they live and play. We meet all our favorite characters along the way–Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga and Roo, Owl and silly Eeyore (Tigger makes his appearance in the second book). Many of the stories I recognized from the Disney movies.

Each chapter of the book follows a new story. We loved the silly and innocent stories following the blunders and joys of life in the Hundred Acre Wood. We laughed as Pooh eats all of Rabbit’s honey and gets stuck in his back door. We smiled as Pooh discovered the North Pole. And we giggled at Rabbit’s big idea to surprise Kanga. Ah ha! The stories are sweet and lovable. We smiled and laughed on nearly every page.

Pooh and his friends are as darling in the book as in the movies. They are also rather silly. Pooh is a bit ridiculous with his “very little brain,” Rabbit is a bit controlling, Eeyore lives under a rain cloud, and Owl could talk a bit less. They clearly come from a toddler’s imagination. And that makes them all the more endearing.

I was surprised to recognize so many of the stories. The movies are very true to the book and capture the feelings and mood of the stories quite well. The songs Pooh makes up in the book are usually different than the ones from the movies. I found myself trying to put the movie melodies to the book words.

This is a perfect book to read out loud. The dialogue and narrative are perfectly balanced to make it fun to read and to listen. It made us both crack up regularly. Plus, it’s not too long so that helps with the motivation to read it out loud. My favorite part of the book was the illustrations. I absolutely love the sweet pictures of Pooh and his friends.

A favorite quote from this book. I actually have heard this quote before but didn’t know it was from Winnie the Pooh until we got reading. quote winnie the pooh

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This book is on my Classics Club list as well! Check out my full list (with reviews posted as I finish novels) here.



Any Winnie the Pooh fans?
Have you read the other books by A. A. Milne?

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Childhood Classic [Winnie the Pooh]: A Review

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  2. I never read Pooh as a child. In some ways I’m glad. Because half the pleasure of WTP is in the capitalisation used by Milne.

    There is a lovely picture book out this Christmas that tells the real story about Winnie. Worth checking out I think.


  3. Big Winnie-the-Pooh fan. My parents read them to me when I was young. And I’ve now read the first Pooh book aloud to my niece twice. She loves him just as much. And it’s a good thing I know the song. She wanted that as her bedtime song. Other niece and nephew loves the song too. They’re both too young to read chapter books to, but I will read the book to them too.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I love that you are a Pooh fan and spreading the Pooh love to your nieces and nephews 🙂 That is so neat! I hope to read Pooh to my daughter when she gets older. 🙂 Thanks again for your comment!

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