It Just Keeps Getting Better [Cress]: A Review

I am back today with a review of the third book in what is quickly becoming one of my favorite series (check out my reviews of Cinder and Scarlet). The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer continues in Cress— focusing on the fairy tale of Rapunzel.

A few thoughts before I delve into this book.

  1. This novel was as engaging and exciting as the previous novels. I was pulled into this story just like the others and read the whole thing in less than a day.
  2. This series gets better with each book for me. I love the way Meyer connects the different stories of Cinder, Scarlet, and now Cress. It continues to be clever and engaging in this book.
  3. I am officially dying to read Winter now. Seriously.

cress 1

Cress continues the stories of Cinder and Scarlet while adding the story of Cress, a Lunar girl trapped in a satellite forced to spy and hack for the evil Lunar Queen Levana. We discover early on that she is the same Lunar that contacted Cinder in book one with a warning for Emperor Kai–which took Cinder to the ball where she revealed herself as a cyborg and Lunar. In this book, Cress is contacted by Cinder and her friends. When they attempt to rescue Cress, nearly everything goes wrong and the group is separated. Can they find each other, stop the royal wedding, and tell the world who Cinder truly is?

I found Cress to be a likable and sweet protagonist. While she is certainly naive after living on a satellite most of her life, she has a good heart and a natural curiosity for life. I enjoyed discovering the world with her. I enjoyed learning about love and life with her. I enjoyed seeing her crack through any technological barrier and stand up against Levana’s tyranny, even in her small ways. And I loved her budding romance with Thorne.

While they are basically complete opposites, Cress and Thorne are such a darling romantic pairing. He protects her, and she sees the best in him. I loved how she acts as his eyes as they try to escape the desert together. I love that he goes after her when she is kidnapped. And can we talk about that beautiful kiss for a minute? I love that Thorne promises that kiss and that it lives up to Cress’s wildest dreams. One of the great end-of-the-world kisses. Pure perfection.

Now if we can just get them to admit their true feelings for each other in Winter.

I was impressed by the way Meyer connects the stories in the previous novels in the series and makes them a part of this novel. I enjoyed that Cinder was more of a central character again. It was encouraging to see her really begin to accept and to embrace her role as the lost Princess Selene. I loved getting more background on Doctor Erland and his life. My jaw dropped when I learned the connection between him and Cress. And I got teary eyed when he put himself in the quarantine. I would have liked to have more of Scarlet’s experiences on Luna, mostly more on her interactions with Princess Winter. But just hearing more about her being tortured would not add much to the novel. And, of course, I loved the chapters from Kai’s perspective. He is one of my favorite characters in the series because he seeks to do what is right for his people but also wants to find happiness for himself.

Just a few words about the ending of this novel. It’s my favorite ending of the series thus far. I love the elaborate plan to stop the royal wedding. I love that Kai and Cinder are finally in the same room and we can hear how they feel about each other. I love that Levana doesn’t win. And I love that the Rampion is on it’s way to Luna, and Cinder can finally end this war.

green stargreen stargreen stargreen stargreen star

Again, I can’t wait to read Winter!
And if you haven’t read the Lunar Chronicles, I highly recommend them!

7 thoughts on “It Just Keeps Getting Better [Cress]: A Review

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  4. I’m so glad that you’re still enjoying this series! Cress is such a lovely protagonist, and I love having so much of Thorne in this book. That kiss was so swoonworthy ❤ I too am soo looking forward to Winter. I've put in my order online last week and I'm impatiently waiting for it!


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