Top 10 Tuesday: 10 Author Duos I’d Love to See Write a Book Together

Hi all!

I’m back with another great top 10 list as a part of Top 10 Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Sorry I missed last week. We were on vacation in Florida, and I was soaking up sun, loving the palm trees, and eating delicious BBQ and seafood. But now I’m back and excited about this topic.

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about this topic before but once I got going, I loved thinking about the amazing books that could be written if these authors could get together! Some could actually happen, but I also brought back a few of my favorites from the dead (so to speak) to make these author duos. I settled on 5 duos for 10 total authors. Enjoy!

Brandon Mull and Rick Riordan // This duo would just be fun! They both write great novels that help readers of all ages believe in magic and learn about myth and fantasy. They both write such great series–I would love to see how they would combine fantasy and myth together.

I recommend Fablehaven by Mull and the Percy Jackson series by Riordan

Jane Austen and Julianne Donaldson // I love Austen’s books and plan to read several of them again as part of The Classics Club over the next few years. She crafts beautiful and timeless characters and beautiful stories where a look or a smile mean everything. Donaldson is a modern day romance writer who continues the Austen tradition. I can only imagine the beauty of a love story they would write together.

I recommend Persuasion by Austen and Edenbrooke by Donaldson.

Shannon Hale and JK Rowling // Two of the great story tellers of our time. They both create captivating and exciting stories that helped me love reading as a child and again as an adult. Their stories are timeless and have something for everyone. How I would love for them to get together and create another masterpiece!

I recommend Harry Potter (of course!) by Rowling and The Goose Girl by Hale.

Roald Dahl and Edward Eager // These authors wrote some of my favorite children’s books growing up. Their stories are light and engaging, especially for young audiences. And they are great to read aloud. I hope to read their books with my children some day. If only they were around to collaborate on a story together. I think it would be fun and magical for the next generation of young readers.

I recommend Matilda and The BFG by Dahl and Half Magic by Eager.

Harper Lee and RJ Palacio // Both of these authors write beautiful stories with compelling characters while also exploring difficult themes (racism and disability, respectively). I think their novel would be beautiful and would help readers think about complex issues.

I recommend To Kill a Mockingbird by Lee and Wonder by Palacio.

Which author duos would you like to see? Who did I miss?

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