2021 Year in Review!

Hello 2022, bookish friends!!

I’ve been looking forward to this post for the last few months. I always enjoy looking back on my reading years and remembering all the books I read and posts I wrote. As the years have gone by, I am continually grateful for my little blog. This blog has helped me find balance in my life as I continue to give priority to reading and books. And I think 2021 was my best year yet!

I finished 105 books!

This is such a big deal for me! I have never read 100 books in a single year before (not counting the dozens of picture books I read with my kids). And so I feel so much accomplishment at having finished this challenge to read 100 books. Especially in a busy year like this one.

  • 9 Newbery Winners (plus several Newbery Honors)
  • 28 Rereads (including Percy Jackson, The Penderwicks, Fablehaven & Dragonwatch)
  • 10 ARC Novels Released in 2021
  • 12 Read Alouds

I published 71 posts.

  • I reviewed 49 books and series.
  • I shared 5 book lists.

Overall, I did well on my goals I set at the start of 2021! I met my books read goal which was huge. I read more 2021 releases and more read alouds than I hoped. I modified my Newbery Challenge in 2021 so I don’t have as strict of a deadline for finishing which has made it less stressful. But I didn’t read as many as I had hoped to. What a year!

As usual, I have high hopes for 2022! Although, I feel like these goals are a bit simpler than in years past. Life is hectic and I want reading to be peaceful. Here’s what I am hoping to accomplish!

Read 100 books

Read 1 Newbery Winner a month

Start my 2nd Classics Club listΒ 

Write more reviews (and not be so behind!)

Here we go in 2022! It’s going to be a great year!

What are your goals in 2022?

11 thoughts on “2021 Year in Review!

  1. Leigh

    Well in terms of reading my goal is to read 50 books. In general my goal is to finally pursue my dream of writing. I’m taking my first ever creative writing course. The online class starts this Monday!!

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