5 Books to Read with Your Kids with Great Siblings

Happy Saturday, y’all!

I’m thrilled to be back with another Saturday book list. I’ve started really looking forward to my weekly lists and anticipating what to share. I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am!

This week, I am sharing some of my favorite siblings in (mostly) middle grade fiction. These are great options to read aloud with your kids.

There is something special about books that have fantastic siblings that care about each other, drive each other crazy, and love each other no matter what. I feel lucky to have great siblings myself (love you gals!) and can’t wait to live closer to them later this year. And my kids are starting to become best friends which makes my mommy heart soar. I hope you enjoy this week’s list!

The Penderwicks // The Penderwicks series is a must read for all middle graders. I’ve reviewed the full series on my blog starting with book one here. This five book series follows the stories of the four original Penderwick sisters, their best friend Jeffrey, their loyal dog Hound (who might be the only dog in literature that I truly love) and their growing family. I love this family. I love that we get inside the heads of all the siblings. I love their misadventures and the way they always stick up for each other. Read these out loud to your kids now! You’re welcome!

The Vanderbeekers // This family was the perfect medicine for me after finishing the Penderwicks and wanting more stories like theirs. The Vanderbeekers series currently has two books out (my double review here) and a third is coming out later this year–hurrah! This family of 5 kids–4 girls and 1 boy right in the middle–is as endearing and ridiculous as the Penderwicks. The first book follows their misadventures trying to convince their curmudgeony, strict landlord to renew their lease on their beloved family home. These books are delightful, hilarious, and heart warming. Another great series to read aloud!

The Pevensies // A list about siblings would be incomplete without a reference to these Narnian siblings. From the first moments we meet them and their first encounters with Narnia, I loved these four. It’s fun to see them in multiple books as they mature and interact with Narnia in different ways. Check out my review of the full series. If you haven’t read the complete Chronicles of Narnia yet, start now. It’s a series that can change the way you see the world.

The Pullmans // August and Via Pullman are the brother and sister at the center of RJ Palacio’s Wonder. Have you read this book yet? It is incredible. It tells the story of Auggie as he enters public school for the first time. Auggie has a severe facial deformity and the kids at his new school react to it in varying ways. From bullying to befriending, Auggie experiences it all with his peers. But the ending shows the power of kindness and of doing hard things. I love this book (my review).

The Ingalls // These books are classics for so many reasons. But at the heart of these stories is a family that loves and works together. It’s special to read a series that shows the changing relationships between siblings over so many years. I loved this books as a girl and look forward to reading at least the first few with my kids in the coming years. I participated in a read along in 2016 in which we read all the books, a biography, and some of Laura’s letters. Such a fun way to reread the series!

Who are some of your favorite siblings in literature?

19 thoughts on “5 Books to Read with Your Kids with Great Siblings

  1. I love all of these books. I agree that it is so important that kids need to read books that want siblings to play with each other, and love and spendtime with each other. So many books these days are about siblings fighting, and being mean to eachother.

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  2. mphtheatregirl

    Definitely agree about the Pevensies- always loved them. It is nice seeing books with incredible siblings- there are others I love.

    In my WIP- it does have siblings- Effa and Rudy- two ten-year-old identical twins, who are minor characters, who share a close bond. They may be minor, but still important.

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      1. mphtheatregirl

        Revisions- hiatus right now. My dad is the editor right now. Haven’t gotten it back yet. All I am doing is figuring out what all of these characters look like

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          1. mphtheatregirl

            I have to figure out 13 characters- 7 Fairy Frogs and 6 toads. My book will be a chapter book with illustrations.

            There are a number of relationships in my book:

            Effa/Rudy- identical twins
            Sarge/Marge- cousins
            Aries/Darcy- Uncle and nephew
            Sparkle/ Misty- best friends
            Darcy/Felipe- best friends

            It can be hard to get an idea of what they look like. Effa and Rudy are tough considering that they are identical- so it is like how to make them look a bit different to know who is who

            Other relationships get in there as the story continues

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            1. mphtheatregirl

              My Fairy Frogs are spring green with translucent wings that have a gold trim- thinking that for each Fairy Frog have a different color mixed in with that gold trim. Each of them planning for them to wear some clothing. Now thinking of their eye color. Sparkle is someone who is always with her backpack- she is someone you always have to recognize since she is the main character.

              The toads are gray green. The girls have bumps and no warts at all and are lighter in color. The boys have warts and have bumps. Sarge, my antagonist, has scars as a result of his past. Marge might have a few bruises due to Sarge.

              So I do some have ideas.


  3. My kids at 5,3 and 1 are still in the picture book phase but I would definitely share some of these with them. I love Little House on the Prairie and I’ve never read the Lion, Witch & wardrobe but I’ve definitely been meaning to.

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