Top 10 Tuesday: Books I own but haven’t read

Welcome back to Top 10 Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! I am using an old prompt from last year for my list today: Books I Own But Still Need to Read.

For the past couple of years, I have tried to buy books that I have already read and loved. Certainly, I’m not perfect at this. But overall, my list of books I own but haven’t read is not as long as it could be 😉 It is one of my goals in 2019 to read 5 books on my shelves that I haven’t read before. So I am working at shortened this list even more. Enjoy!

What books do you own that you haven’t read yet?

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books I own but haven’t read

  1. Oh! You have some great titles there! I think you’ll love Emily, of course, since you like Anne. But The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was really powerful for me when I read it. And A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite Dickens novel. You’re kind of making me want to just read all the books you mentioned. I probably should read some of the books I own and haven’t read, though. I really want to at least finally finish Shelby Foote’s Civil War trilogy. One day…

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that you love several of these! I am excited for those classics. I have tried A Tale of Two Cities a few times but not for several years. So I am hoping to finally get into that one and finish it this year!!

      Haha I totally understand that–I’m always tempted to reread my favorites and I do sometimes 🙂 Good luck on that Civil War trilogy!


      1. I’ve always thought the real power of A Tale of Two Cities comes from reaching the end and seeing how it comes together. The problem with that is that I have known several people who were uninspired to ever reach the end. XD

        That being said, I think I’ve started the first book in the Civil War trilogy three times and never finished.

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  2. I have a list of nearly 200 that I own and haven’t read yet – I keep telling myself I’ll make a dent, but then I find all the new releases. I’m going to have to seriously regiment one TBR, one new. At least I’ve gotten better about going to the library again.

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    1. That is rather impressive that you’ve made a list! Haha. I guess I don’t want to know exactly how many of my books I haven’t read. I am a big library fan myself. Lately, I read all the books that interest me from there first then buy my favorites. Good luck with your reading regiment!

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  3. I’m a total book hoarder, so I have a ton of books I haven’t read. Topping my list, though, is probably the rest of the Unwind series. I read the first book and loved it, but haven’t moved on from it yet.

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