Top 10 Tuesday: TV Recommendations

Welcome to a new week of Top 10 Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s theme is…In honor of Fall TV, do a tv-themed topic!

I have a rather eclectic taste in TV shows. At our house we watch a lot of different shows ranging from 50’s sitcoms to current seasons of popular shows. I wanted to do more than just list all my favorite shows (which would be more fun for me than for anyone else). But I was intrigued by one of the idea prompts this week about recommending TV shows.


I’ve been on a serious Harry Potter high lately with The Cursed Child coming out, reading all the books again, and asking my husband to watch most of the movies in the past few weeks. And suddenly I had an epiphany for my TTT post this week: TV Shows I would recommend to Harry Potter characters.

I am super excited to share these recommendations with you all. Enjoy!

Star Trek for Harry and Ron // I had a hard time trying to think of a show Ron and Harry would enjoy. But I think this is actually a pretty good fit. It’s about adventures where the characters meet different creatures and overcome different evil forces. Isn’t that what these guys do through the whole series? I also wondered if they would appreciate watching soccer or football games–or if they’d be disappointed that no one was flying. 😉

Gilmore Girls for Hermione Granger // In another life, Hermione could be Rory Gilmore. They are actually super similar–straight A students at the top of their class, loyal friends, and serious book worms. Plus, since she’s muggle born, Hermione would probably understand and appreciate all the witty pop culture banter in this show.

The Middle for Mr. Weasley // I think Mr. Weasley would be fascinated by this show about a “typical” middle class American family and their crazy daily lives. It would only continue his somewhat misinformed view of Muggles and what they do all day. But it would make him laugh too and he deserves a good laugh.

The Crocodile Hunter for Hagrid // Okay, I must admit I haven’t actually seen a full episode of this show, but how perfect would it be for Hagrid? He would love all the animal encounters in this show.

Drop Dead Diva for Ginny // This is a seriously underrated show and Ginny is a seriously underrated character. I think we lose so much of her awesomeness in the movies. Jane is talented, loyal, and kind. The same is true for Ginny. She is one of my favorite characters in the books and deserves more recognition.

Top Gear for Fred and George Weasley // I think the Weasley twins would love this show (the original one with Jeremy, James, and Richard). They would fit right into the goofy, making-fun-of-each-other banter that goes on constantly during this show. And they would probably love the tricks that are pulled on this show (and give the producers a bunch of new ideas too!)

The Great British Baking Show for Dobby // I mostly base this recommendation off of Dobby’s antics in The Chamber of Secrets. But I think he would appreciate that anyone can apply to be on TGBBS and I think he would be a great host for the show–always trying to help the participants but causing more trouble that help.

Iron Chef America for Severus Snape // For all the reasons Dobby would like The Great British Baking Show, Snape would hate it. But I think he could enjoy this cooking show which is much more cutthroat and is designed for people to fail (to a point). I could see Snape being a good judge on a show like this.

Once Upon a Time for Luna Lovegood // This show started so clever and enjoyable. Then it just got more weird and I didn’t like or sometimes understand all the connections they make between fantasy worlds and characters. But if there is one person who would understand all that, it’s Luna. Perhaps her father would write about it in the Quibbler too.


What do you think about my recommendations?
What shows would you recommend for Harry Potter characters?

16 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: TV Recommendations

  1. This is brilliant! The Middle one made me laugh so much, it’s actually perfect! Arthur would also love reality shows, he would watch them all and think he know understands the lives of muggles to perfection, only to be baffled when nobody in the real world actually behaves like that or do the things the people in the shows do. I think he would also like talent shows, like The Voice, and I imagine he would clap at the TV all the time hahah
    Great idea! I really loved how you paired them off.

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